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The Best Weightlifting Apps of 2020 (part 1)

Posted by Marie Curtis on
The Best Weightlifting Apps of 2020 (part 1)

If you find that most fitness apps are too little or too much for your workout goals, please check out this list of specialized weight-oriented apps focusing on realizing gains and introducing with you the right way to put on more muscle.

The Best App for Simple Workout Tracking: Simple Workout Log

Simple Workout Log is an app that offers a very simple yet functional way to track your weightlifting workouts. It is perfect for the those who wants to spend more time lifting but less time fiddling with an app. This app features almost all the features you may expect: Its minimalistic approach helps you to enter your exercise, how many reps and sets, and the weight you used. You can organize your exercises by creating routines or adding them to categories. The routine feature is very helpful if you usually do the same workouts like a basic powerlifting session.

Simple Workout Log is available both on the Google Play store and on desktops, but the iOS version of the app hasn’t come yet. In the meantime, iPhone users can access Simple Workout Log on any mobile web browser. 

The Best App for Learning New Exercises: Jefit

Jefit is an excellent weightlifting app for those who like a visual refresher of exercises. It features a robust exercise library with photos and videos of real people praticing the exercises. With above 1,300 exercises in the library, you can find almost whatever you need when you feel unsure about a movement.

The app also has a routine planning feature that helps you to build out your workout routines for a week and beyond. There are also pre-built weighlifting routines if you don’t feel like making your own (since let’s be honest, programming workouts is hard work).

If you want to track your workouts, use Jefit’s tracking feature to log exercises, sets, reps, and weight, as well as a workout timer to keep you on track by counting down until your next set.