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The Best Weightlifting Apps of 2020 (part 2)

Posted by Marie Curtis on
The Best Weightlifting Apps of 2020 (part 2)

Best for In-depth Information: Fitness Point

The free and pro versions of Fitness Point both boast expansive exercise libraries, complete with text descriptions, images, and clear explanations of how each exercise affects your muscles. The more popular exercises also feature video animations to ensure that you lift with good form.

Tracking-wise, Fitness Point provides a comprehensive workout log feature in which you can add reps, sets, weights, rest intervals, the date, and notes. The notes section is very helpful for logging things such as “had a couple of drinks last night” or “only slept six hours” to help users look back and understand the patterns behind their workout performance.

This app also supports workout building, so you can set up routines to use if it is convenient. Fitness Point is also available for Apple Watch, so for those who use iPhones, they don’t even need to use phone during workouts.

Best for Veteran Weightlifters: Strong

Strong helps weightlifters with an amazing suite of features: You can discover new exercises since it’s easy to get stuck in a rut); watch instructional videos (since even the pros need refreshers); customize rest timers so you stay on track; and save any workout as a template to complete again (since no one wants to fiddle with numbers over and over).

On top of all these things, you can also chart your weightlifting progress over any custom date range for any exercises, and track your body weight, body composition, and other body measurements you pick up to log. Strong supports weightlifters who enjoy various workouts with tracking features that allow you to log different types of exercise, from assisted body weight to compound to isolation. You can also track with accuracy as well as tag sets as a warm-up, failure, or drop sets